My name is Linda, as you may already know. What you probably don’t know is that I was always “Little Miss Smarty-Pants,” a straight-A student.  I loved school and excelled in English literature and history.  I graduated high school early.  I went to college and earned a bachelor’s degree in business and then a master’s degree.  Never wanting to be done with school, I enrolled in and graduated from a course specifically catered to proofreading court transcripts.

I have lived in California, Colorado, and right now I live in hot, hot, hot Arizona.  After a long career in medical accounting, I decided that I was tired of funding someone else’s dreams.  I have dreams of my own, and one of them is to work from home so I can better care for my disabled husband and 91-year-old father.

You might say that this is my unbridled passion.  All my life, whenever I received any type of document, misspellings, bad grammar, and beastly punctuation jumped right off the page.  Sometimes I would grab a red pen and correct the document, but I wasn’t courageous enough to send it back to its author.  That’s when I thought, “Hmmmm…what could be better than letting my natural talents and passions be the cornerstone of my career?  What could be more fun than doing what I love to do and getting paid to do it?”

Because of the transcript proofreading course, I have diligently proofread thousands of transcript pages, making me confident and secure when it comes to offering my services to hard-working court reporters like you!