Testimonials From Current and Past Clients

“I have worked with Linda for only a short time, however, she comes highly recommended by a fellow reporter. I find Linda to be personable and friendly,  which makes her very easy to work with. Her work is always spectacular. She makes my transcripts sparkle. I would recommend her to anyone.”


– Mercedes Marney-Sheldon

“When it comes to proofing court transcripts, there is so much that can be missed, and it is crucial to have an as close to perfect record as possible.
The Unbridled Proof made that possible for me.  With Linda’s expertise, I have newfound confidence in my final documents.
She is fast, reliable, has easy to read corrections, and has taken the stress off my shoulders in order to produce professional results.”

– Kasey Anderson

“I just want to say, job well done!  I’ll be sending you work in the future.”

– Miriam S.

“Great job!  You caught so many things I probably would have missed!  More to come.”

– Mary R.

“I really like the PDF!  You’ve made a convert out of me!  Very nice.”

– Christina S.

“Also, I hope you don’t mind, I was networking and dropped your email to another

reporting agency. I told them you are wonderful, reliable, on time and good at what you do!”

Stephanie C.

“By the way, thank you very much for catching my errors on the last one [transcript].  Particularly the speaker identification errors!  Cheers!”